About Our Company


For over 16 years History America have created and published American History prints not only with the intention to remind and impact our generation with the patriotic and heroic legacy that is specifically depicted in our products, but to increase and restore patriotic awareness and respect for those who served to protect the freedom for which this nation was founded on.

Our prints to date include the History of the American Soldier, History of the American Firefighter, History of the United States Marine, History of Women in the US Military, History of the American Police Officer, History of Old Glory, History of the United States Navy, History of World War II, A Salute to our American Heroes, History of the American Civil War, History of the American Aviator, History of American Baseball, and History of American Football, An Appeal to Heaven, Join or Die, and We the People.

About the Prints


History America watercolor styled prints are printed on acid-free matte text with fade-free ink. Our prints come in two sizes 6x24" and 11 3/4x36". Both sizes come framed with and without glass. Prints are a standard frame size; frames can be found in most major retailers and framing stores. History America prints are created and printed in the USA